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Greetings, I am Gothmog, Commander of this depot. I would like to thank you for visiting the Anime Depot. This depot is located a few kilometers from MegaTokyo and Graviton City. Not too far away either is NeoTokyo. Due to the nature of these three cities to be frequent targets for nuclear weapons, asteroids, orbital weaponry, and alien wrath, the largest part of this depot is in an underground bunker.

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Updated - 02/08/31

Wow, another update. Moved from Geocities. Too many pop-ups and other crap. Now being hosted by EMMS.NET. Please excuse any broken links, I'm still going through everything to fix it.

New - 01/06/15

Woohoo! First update of the new millenium(okay, so it's not much a triumph). Added something new, a link to the BGC top 100.

I also updated the Tank Yard, indicating the broken links, and updating the link to Bob Rosenberg's Tank Girl site.

New - 99/12/16

Yes, I still exist, and I still know this page exists! ;-) Anyways, I added a new link to the communication division. I've seen a whackload of anime in the last 6 months so I really should update that in the archives...

New - 99/05/25

Found something new... Chibi-Pop Manga!

Chibi-Pop Manga
Incase you don't know... it's like a typical Japanese manga magazine, so it contains several stories, which continue from one issue to the next. Only one thing different... it's in english! :)

For all those Tank Girl fans out there... sorry I haven't updated in so long, but there really isn't much new in the TG world that I know about, it looks like it's either dead, or at least in a deep sleep...

New - 99/04/02

I'm still here, I did a bit of cleaning around the office and the main page, and hopefully soon I'll get down to adding a few more anime to my reviews(I've got more than enough to add, trust me...).

New - 98/07/09

Just to let you all know I've not forgotten about the site. Just not enough motivation to do an update, but I feel one comming up soon... maybe a few new additions to the Archive and maybe a few other things now that I have more room.

New - 98/04/14

Just cleaning up a few links in the Tank Yard, nothing really added.

New - 97/12/20

A few additions, including an award from Project Anime. Also added a geoguide. And added another site to the Tank Yard.

New - 97/10/14

Since I have gotten more room elsewhere, this site can now again expand, I might add a gallery of Anime art now that I have the room.

I have added reviews of the Tank Girl Movie and of one story that was NOT REPRINTED in either TG1 or TG2 to the Reviews page.

I have also added Plastic Little to the Archive.

New - 97/06/21

On the Tank Girl Reviews page you can read my opnions of the different TG comics that I have. I have also added a copy of Bod Rosenberg's Tank Girl FAQ

New - 97/05/27

The Tank Girl picture gallery is completed in the Tank Depot. Visit it to see some of my favorite Tanky pics.

I have also added a new Lycos based search engine to the communications center.

New - 97/05/22

I have opened The Tank Depot.

This new area is devoted to that greatest of punk comic stars, Tank Girl!

New - 97/05/15

The spaceport has been shut down due to lack of resources. I felt that there was not enough information on the page to make it worth keeping it.

New - 97/04/01

I have now added an image map! Click on one of the Knight Sabers above to go to different areas of the Depot. That is, if your browser supports Client side image maps. Netscape 3.0+ does. I have not tried MS Explorer 3.0, but it _should_ work.

Other additions include minor changes to the Office and I've added another series -- Dominion: Tank Police --, and a few new links, to the archives. I have also made two additions to the Armory.

New - 97/01/24

I have begun the enlargement of the Communications division. Most of the unsorted links are already up. All I need to do now is sort them and clear out the dead ones.

If there is a link you want added to my page, E-mail me!

Hi to any of my friends who pass by! You know who you are. ;)

Major Kusanagi

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For a more organized listing, in the archives you can find anime pages listed by series. There you can also find reviews of some of the anime that I've seen.

The armory is where you can find any useful utilities you might need.

In the office you can learn about me.

These are the pages of some of my friends. Visit them!

is a great anime site here in Geocities, they also just gave me this award.

Matt and Jer's Home page is devoted to music, midi's and a bit of computer stuff.

The Yarning Piper now has her page up and running, if want to know about Bagpipes or Battlestar Galactica, this is the place to go.

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